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The Scoin Shop offers coin collectors and bullion investors the opportunity to buy bullion, collectable silver and gold coins securely from either our online shop, our brokers or by visiting one of our retail stores. We offer only the finest gold medallions, gold coins and Krugerrands.

The Scoin Shop, South Africa Based in South Africa and want to buy coins?  Please visit to purchase coins.

The Scoin Shop was established in 1999 and is the retail division of the South African Gold Coin Exchange (established in 1972). There are more than 30 Scoin Shops in South Africa and United Kingdom.

The Scoin Shop - Westfield
Westfield Shopping Mall
London, W12 7GG

Tel: +44 (0) 2087 498 450

Types of coins we offer include:

  • British Coins - including the Royal Engagement Alderney 5 Pound Gold Proof Crown and The Royal Wedding UK Gold Proof Coin
  • Mandela Medallions - exclusively minted by the Mint of Norway as silver or gold medallions, approved by the Mandela Foundation and the Nobel institute
  • Kruggerrands - minted in 22 carat gold and is available in 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz coins
  • Natura Coins - introduced in 1986 by the South African Mint, this series of coins depict the history, industries and natural heritage of South Africa
  • Protea Coins this series of 22 carat gold coins commemorates the history and industries (including mining and wine) of South Africa
  • Scoin Coins - exclusive, limited edition 1oz, 24 carat gold coins. A percentage of sales are donated to the Childhood Cancer Foundation in South Africa
  • International Coins - sporting and commemorative coins minted in tribute to special events
  • Krugerrands - to buy or sell Krugerrands contact or +44 (0)20 7493 0399
  • We offer free postage in the UK on all purchases.
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Manchester United 1/2oz Gold Medallion
Manchester United 1/2oz Gold Medallion
The Manchester United 1/2oz Gold Medallion, minted by the British Royal Mint, has a limited mintage of only 500.
Mandela Nkosi Sikelel’ Set
Mandela Nkosi Sikelele Set
The "Mandela Nkosi Sikelel Set comprises of a 1/2oz gold medallion (14 carat, 585Au) and a 1/2oz silver medallion with the famous hymn etched on th
90th Anniversary of the End of World War I 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin
€ 900.00
£ 850.00
$ 1,250.00
South African Nobel Laureates 1/4oz Gold Medallion 4 Coin Set
The South African Nobel Laureates 1/4oz Gold Medallion 4 Coin Set has a mintage of 1,500.
€ 4,050.00
£ 3,350.00
$ 4,900.00
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